Complex Recordings 1970-71

In order to avoid the imposition of Purchase Tax, the production run of the album was limited to 99 copies.  Many of these were used by the manager to send to various agents, venue representatives and record companies, others were sold at gigs to fans for the princely sum of £1 each.  Only about half of the albums sent by the manager were actually returned, many recipients never even sent an acknowledgement. Some were made into plantholders, others found their way into secondhand record shops where they were picked up by enterprising (in more ways than one) record producers. Some eventually found their way into the homes of appreciative audiences.  Much later on (in 2002) Brian - logging into eBay for the first time - found an original copy for sale at what seemed a ridiculously high price - $200 or more - and rising fast (the auction was coming to an end).  It finally went for $600. Brian emailed the sender and recipient (eBay used to display their email addresses at that time) and found that there was a fan base out there.  The purchaser was actually from Sweden and was happy that he had a bargain - a year or so previously an original copy of the album was selling for over 2000 dollars!

- Funny Feeling

Distribution was aided by the Complex Transport Authority ...
(Yes - that is a Reliant Van you see before you ...)